CAIR Center has provided support to local and national governments and includes help in such areas as tax gap calculation, poverty index development, census and survey planning, support and analysis and general internal staff support for analytics. 

With regard to universities, services have included computerized professor/course evaluation systems, training in various analytic software including SAS®, (EG, JMP, Visual Analytics), SPSS,etc.

We can also help with:

  • Grant proposals
  • Journal articles
  • Doctoral theses
  • Responses to reviewer comments, etc.
  • Design experiments and surveys
  • Select and perform appropriate analyses
  • Interpret results
  • Write about statistical methods and results

We listen to your scientific needs and work with you to translate them into statistical questions and find solutions that are reasonable, understandable, and actionable.

We have worked on numerous projects with university researchers, including questions that can be answered on the spot to in-depth research projects that have taken months or years of collaboration.

We look forward to working with reduce your pains and increase your gains.