To repeat, this pain reduction/gain increase process generally involves setting relevant and achievable research objectives, designing an appropriate data collection methodology and instruments and providing management with action oriented decision making results. (Incidentally, unless we, at the client's request, train the client's own staff members, we usually use outside agencies for field force/data collection services.).


    Our services include:

  • Statistics based quality improvement (consulting, training, and software development)
  • Marketing Research (CRM/SRM, conjoint analysis, correspondence analysis, etc.),
  • Telecommunications (churn analysis, lifetime value assessment, cross-selling research, etc.).
  • Production (yield improvement, defect analysis, SPC charting, Cpk indices, etc.),
  • Insurance (risk analysis, fraud detection, sales analysis, competitor threat analysis, etc.),
  • Human resource management and development (employee selection, profiling, and testing),
  • Official statistics (survey data design, analysis and visualization)
  • On request, we provide a written report with an accompanying video showing expert statistician/data miner’s and/or marketing experts’ presentation of data mining methodology and interpretation of the results.
  • Training