Brief Company Overview  

CAIR Statistical Research Services Center (“The House of Statistics”) was founded in 1994 by two Ph.D.s, one in Computational Statistics (Univ. of Zagreb, Stanford Univ.) and the other in Marketing Research and Strategy (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder). 
CAIR researchers are qualified to help you and your staff members with your advanced statistical/ analytical, data mining, scoring algorithm and reporting needs. As shown, the primary area of consulting competency is in pharmaceutical statistics and in the area of training:

•    Pharmaceutical statistics (in-vitro and in-vivo bioequivalence studies, clinical trials, simulation/ Monte Carlo studies, Monte Carlo and randomization tests, bootstrap, outlier identification and analysis, QC/QA reporting requirements, DOE, stability analysis, microbiological environmental monitoring, analysis and reporting (air, water, machines), FMEA analysis, etc.),
•    Statistics based quality improvement (consulting, training, and software development)
•    Marketing Research (CRM/SRM, conjoint analysis, correspondence analysis, etc.),
•    Telecommunications (churn analysis, lifetime value assessment, cross-selling research, etc.).
•    Production (yield improvement, defect analysis, SPC charting, process capability analysis/ Cpk indices, etc.),
•    Finance (tax gap estimation, credit scoring, loan application profiling, customer relationship management, etc.),
•    Insurance (risk analysis, fraud detection, sales analysis, competitor threat analysis, etc.),
•    Human resource management and development (employee selection, profiling, and testing),
•    Official statistics (survey data design, analysis and visualization).

We provide software and statistical/ data mining training support (30+ courses) if desired, or the support can be done on a project by project basis (using data from any source). Where possible/ necessary we follow cGMP policies and procedures including documentation and work instructions (using CAIR Center SOPs). Software design, development, and analytic services are also available over the Internet at competitive prices.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis

Monitoring for likely possible changes in the local market environment in early 2000 indicated a weakening of demand for basic business research and increased opportunity for “analytical research” in other areas of Business, Industry, Government, and Education...especially in Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, and Financials (Banking and Insurance).
Strategic change in Marketing Direction toward Market Development
At that time, CAIR was offered and accepted the opportunity to expand its existing partnership with SAS® Institute adding more of its analytic services (e.g., Data Mining using Enterprise Miner, Visual Analytics, etc.) to the market and thus sustaining/improving its ability to stay in business by better customer focus.

Quality Policy Statement

In a mutually beneficial fashion, CAIR Center will endeavor to stay in business by providing Clients with needed analytical, statistics based factual evidence for decision support and reporting needs, and to do so in a right and simple way. This will be done in a timely, low cost, high quality manner. 
To achieve this objective, and since ‘quality cannot be inspected into a product (or service)’, suggestions by Dr. Deming, Dr. Joseph Juran and other quality “gurus” have been studied and implemented over the years at CAIR Center. 
CAIR Center will also regularly seek out ideas and amend internal processes based on facts obtained (feedback) from the Client and other useful sources in an effort to build, implement, manage, and continuously improve an efficient and effective system of process activities designed to reasonably assure that process outputs (i.e., deliverables) will meet or exceed Client criteria/ expectations on the key CAIR Center quality performance indicator as defined by the client: ‘FITNESS FOR USE’ . 
A copy of complete (or partial) CAIR Center “Quality Policy Manual” is available to CAIR Center clients upon request.


  • " Everyone doing their best is not enough. "
    W. Edwards Deming
  • " Knowing how is not enough, one must know why. "
    W. Edwards Deming
  • " Quality cannot be inspected into a product or service. "
    W. Edwards Deming
  • " Statistics is unique among academic disciplines in that statistical thought is needed at every stage of virtually all research investigations including planning the study, selecting the sample, managing the data, and interpreting the results "
    Carter, Scheaffer, and Marks